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I am Page.
I am a Mom and a Mor Mor (grandmother in Swedish).
I am a bereaved mom with two precious angels in heaven and by my side always.
I am an energy alchemist.
I am a friend.
I am a medium.
I talk to spirit and spirit speaks with me.
I am a teacher, facilitator, listener, supporter and giver.
I have sat with over 65,000 bereaved folks and held the space for the dialogue to continue with their Beloveds.
I am a witness to such amazing and oftentimes raw courage.
It is my passion and purpose to share this incredible journey with YOU.

A young boy who passed from cancer, Mom and Dad ever vigilant to him even today after the years have slipped by since his passing. Comes and visits with them regularly, supporting their growth and their ability to walk with him as he is no longer in the physical realm. The joy Fullness and the grief one holding each hand, and a third link to his continued wyrds for them. The fun and the tears all enveloped within an hours time that suspends all other experiences and transcends all space and time.

I am the interpreter, the angel speak guide for this moment in suspended time for all three of them.

A baby really, of two years, who drown and continues to sing and play with her siblings. Who has a “job” and had to leave the session for ten minutes as she supported another drowning child to cross the threshold of physicality and become transformed. Coming back to a hushed moment with mom and dad as they felt her work being engaged in. Powerful and precious work she does.

A young college girl whose grandma means so much and supported her until she passed. Comes forward and is able to touch her beloved granddaughter again. Both exchanging physical touch with each other through the space of love.

This is the language I speak, it comes at the Speed of Love asking to be embraced and shared. In great mercy and grace that which we can no longer see becomes a possibility again, hope and faith in something not understood yet felt when in the space of heart and love.

These things and more, myself and those I team with energetically, offer to you today and any day that you choose to stand with us.

What would it be like to feel and be able to ask this powerful Love energy to come more often into your awareness and your life?
What would it be like to be in command of your extraordinary knowing?
What is that feeling? Would you like to identify and have clarity around what is happening on a level beyond your physical being?

Come, come walk with us for a short time, let us explore and learn, grow and become more than we have been. In loving support we can be all things.

Will you walk with me?

Blessings, Angel Wings and Butterfly Kisses Page