Past Life Awareness and Reincarnation 2017-10-08T00:12:11+00:00


Past Life Awareness & Reincarnation

Do you have a birth mark?
Do you have freckles that create a picture or symbol?
What could deja vu be?
Have you ever met someone and it was a remembering instead of a meeting?

What could these experiences pertain to? Perhaps it is a piece of your souls experience from another time. How extraordinary to walk parallel times. All in this moment. It has been channeled to me that we have but One Soul. Each lifetime is an expression of the One Soul. Memories and experiences can be a part of who you are in this very moment. Bringing to this time, your knowledge, your knowing and thus your wisdom from the many expressions of your One Soul.

Have you ever asked your feet, where have you been before? What is the whispering of an answer that you have heard?

What an amazing and beautiful tapestry your One Soul has been weaving since the beginning. Asking you to co-create and embrace the totality of You. Creating the Matrix that expresses and supports your current journey.
Where have your Soles been?