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The Dialogue of Mastery

To become a master requires great dedication and insight into the potentials you hold within your grasp of love.

The Dialogue of Mastery is an ever changing , ever progressive and always fluid experience.
Integrating DNA, Genetic Coding, meridians, our physical systems and how they interact with each other creating you.

When approached with love and curiosity, you can bend time, you can navigate Dis Ease , you can change outcomes.

You will learn tools of advancement, tools of Sole to Soul, tools of Divinity Now Accepted. In learning the tools and becoming precise in your vision, you can hold space for others and support their process into the awakening of self, total actualization.

You are the Master of the Dialogue of Forever. Far reaching into lifetimes yet to be experienced. Yet able to shift the outcomes and the expressions.

Through the Dialogue of Mastery Program, you will learn tools to visualize, assimilate and utilize the matrix of universal energy, quantum physics and that which has yet to be defined.

Will you help define the next?
Will you be a part of the Speed of Love that is asking to be embraced and shared at this time of change on Gaia and within ourselves?
Will you negotiate and mediate with energy as the alchemists have for millennium?

If you have answered yes to these questions, the The Dialogue of a Mastery is for you.

Join us as we embark on a new way of being, of teaching that to others, of supporting others as they come to find the Dialogue…

Check out this video tour that we did recently of Serenity Mountain Home.
Located near Monument, Colorado, it is the venue for all of our workshop retreats.