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Page is a friend, a healer and a medium. Page came into my life when I first started dialysis. Dialysis did not go well at first. Even though I was receiving dialysis 3 times a week, I could not get rid of an excessive amount of fluid. After a few healing sessions with Page, I lost a lot of fluid and was stronger to handle my dialysis much better. Since then, I have had other health issues which Page has helped me through. Page is the best, accurate and detailed medium. She leads all famous mediums with her abilities. When Page is in contact with persons from the other side, she does not stop her session until she has received all messages. As a friend, Page has an amazing way with her thoughts and words. She makes me look at difficult situations in a positive, comforting manner. Thanks Page for all you have done for me and my family.

— Jeanne, Georgia, USA

The Dialogue of DNA

What meets your DNA on its way to becoming you?

Genetic coding.

Can we change or modify our DNA genetic coding combination? Indeed we can. By changing how they interact with each other and then how your physical and spiritual being decodes and utilizes them both, you can recreate your life, your health, your prosperity and your abundance.

By recognizing the virtue of the strands of DNA, we can see how they have come to be you and the expression you bring to this world. Next, as we bring into focus, your genetic coding, we can visualize and interact with the connecting points of your DNA and genetic coding.

As we are able to be in this space of creation of you, we have permission to walk with these two precious fragments that support your physical manifestation of your purpose, your passion, your reason for the dialogue that is you.

What words describe who you are?
What words describe who you know your truth to be ?
Are you your Divinity Now Accepted?

Come, let us introduce the dialogue of your DNA, what it could bring to you and what you can recreate and manifest within your own destiny .

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