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Here , in this sacred space, you have the opportunity to reestablish a connection once thought lost with your beloved(s) Through the dialogue that comes to me, for you, I hold the space for you to be with your loved one.

To feel the touch of a child, a mother, a father , pet or other precious one from beyond the physical, is healing. To have a conversation around their passing that you may not have known or understood can be life giving, life changing. Trauma and grief walk side by side oftentimes.

With a continued dialogue, we are able to walk with our great sadness in a way that allows you and your loved one to move into a place of great Love and Mercy, for both of you. Honoring your grieving process and honoring their purpose and mission here.

What questions do you have that have remained unanswered? What possibilities are offered to you when you continue the Dialog? Come and sit with us, allow us to share the conversation with you.

Let us hold your hand and your heart for a short time with gentleness and grace. Become an active participant yet again while feeling the participation from your beloved in your physical being. To your core, your heart and your soul. We honor your amazing courage. We are grateful for your expectation of connection. And now with an open heart and open arms,

The Dialogue Continues


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The Dialogue Continues$108.00(Evening)

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