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Welcome to the Beginning — The Dialogue Begins

To have a deeper connection to your soul , your purpose, your mission. That is what Harps N Halos 77 and The Dialogue Begins offers you.

Are you ready to accept this deeper knowing? If you are, we are the facilitators of the Dialogue.

Through GENTLE AND GUIDED interactive, hearts on techniques and instruction, we will offer a space for you to learn new ways to hear what it is that your Soul is speaking to you. How to integrate this Dialogue into practical and meaningful expression.

With exercises that stimulate your heart and mind, connecting them through verbal expression, The Dialogue, becomes a way of life, the light that you are shines through your moments of experience.

As you embrace, integrate and Begin to utilize the Dialogue, what are the possibilities for you? How can you inspire others to Begin their Dialogue?

Perhaps your very own Dialogue will change and become clear. There is no lack, no fear. Only love resides within your Dialogue. What is it whispering, or what is it nudging you to do? What action is required of you? Let us create that safe space for that action and exploration with you.

What will you do with your newfound language? It is Love Speak! The speed of Love is how it is streaming to you and through you. Can you feel it?
Take a moment, breathe deep, feel your muscles relax, yes, there, in this space your Dialogue speaks clearly, what do you feel? What are your questions?

Come sit with us, share space and energy with us. For we bring to you a deeper way of being, we bring to you a deeper knowing, we bring to you the gift of hearing,
The Dialogue Begins…

Upon completion of the first in The Dialogue Series, the participant will be able to:
* Recognize through physical sensation a knowing “moment”
* Be able to understand what Dialogue the sensation is offering
* Be better able to call upon and initiate a dialogue with your higher self
* Be able to utilize techniques learned and to create techniques suitable
for your unique expressions
* Be comfortable with your inner dialogue

Attendees will receive a certificate of completion.

We will provide some light snacks and refreshments each day.
You may want to bring your own food. Restaurants are also nearby.
Please alert us to any food allergies or special needs here:

Check out this video tour that we did recently of Serenity Mountain Home.
Located near Monument, Colorado, it is the venue for all of our workshop retreats.

The Colonial Park Retreat Center

You may also be interested in attending a face-to-face “The Dialogue Expressed – Private Reading” session with Page from 1/16 through 1/18

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