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I have had several medium sessions with Page that covered a wide array of items within my family. Page has always been forthright in her conversational approach as a medium. There are no riddles in her work. It’s always upfront and matter of fact. She has given me an amazing insight into family matters and has helped in so many ways. I’ve been to other mediums and no one has done as well. In fact, she’s the only medium who handed me a pen and tablet of paper before we began our first session. Page said to take notes if I wanted. I did and the results were outstanding. Her work can either be in person, on the phone or online. It makes no difference. I never told her anything about my family and background and her work brought forward those who passed and spoke directly to me in clear and understandable conversation. Page is simply the best medium I have ever experienced.

Don, Georgia, USA

Page is a friend, a healer and a medium. Page came into my life when I first started dialysis. Dialysis did not go well at first. Even though I was receiving dialysis 3 times a week, I could not get rid of an excessive amount of fluid. After a few healing sessions with Page, I lost a lot of fluid and was stronger to handle my dialysis much better. Since then, I have had other health issues which Page has helped me through. Page is the best, accurate and detailed medium. She leads all famous mediums with her abilities. When Page is in contact with persons from the other side, she does not stop her session until she has received all messages. As a friend, Page has an amazing way with her thoughts and words. She makes me look at difficult situations in a positive, comforting manner. Thanks Page for all you have done for me and my family.

Jeanne, Georgia, USA

Page is a metaphysical master of healing and mediumship. I have had multiple healing bodywork sessions with Page where her innate gift of channelling has exceeded my expectations. One particular session of healing bodywork evolved into Page facilitating my journey through 5 past lives. Most helpful has been her humble, gracious, and compassionate approach to readings and/or bodywork. Page is one of the most accurate, if not the most accurate, mediums/healers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. As a healthy sceptic, I would not have any misgivings referring friends to Page.

Sonnett M. Caldwell-Barr, Ph.D, South Africa

I first met Page nearly four years ago. She was recommended to me by my Great Aunt and my Mom who came to know Page for the same reason as I did. The previous year had been really tough for our family. My Great Uncle, Great Grandma, and Dad had all passed in a 6 month period. To this day, it is still hard to accept the sudden passing of my Dad. Fortunately, Page has been able to help bring a sense of comfort into the situation. My first meeting with Page was in person. I just knew the first time that I met her that she was different than other mediums whose services I have sought; she is warm and kind and most importantly comfortable to be around. During my first reading, my Dad came forward along with many others that have passed on over the years. We covered a lot in this time. She made me feel at ease about recent life changes that I was making, ranging from surgery to moving out of state away from friends and family. Most importantly, she offered the comfort of knowing that my loved ones were in a peaceful place. Over the last four years, I have spoken with Page numerous times, mostly over the phone. She provides the reassurance that my Dad is always with me. Notably, he is now helping me in a different way. Specifically, Page has helped me connect to the spirit world through my Dad, bringing ideas about the work I do and pointing me in the right direction. The amount of information that is brought across in my sessions with Page is massive. Sometimes, it takes me the next week to process everything. I usually have very specific, complex questions pertaining to work in which Page is excellent in answering, with many details. Overall, Page is a great communicator with me and with Spirit. I am fortunate to have found her and would recommend her to anyone seeking mediums services.

Melissa P. , Chicago IL, USA

Page brought my father forth for me. She brought him forth in a way that granted me so much peace, love and insight! Insight into my past but also my future. My session with Page confirmed all the feelings I had experienced since losing my Dad 17 years ago. I truly felt vindicated and self-assured knowing that he would be with me in the steps I wanted to take going forward in my life. During our session, my grandparents came forward as well and with such accuracy and intimacy. Through Page’s words and expression, I could feel their being, who they were/are, how they were with me and it filled me with so much love, appreciation and calm. The entire session confirmed for me that I am not alone, ever. With the help of my departed family members, Page was able to name those feelings and ways of being I had lived with for decades and help guide me to flow through them into positive change. Those I love were always and are always there still holding my hand and gently guiding me forward encouraging my growth and evolvement.

I had never had a session with a medium before and Page with her gentle, thoughtful, acute awarenesses surpassed every expectation!

Keren, Colorado, USA

Page is truly a gift. She works with such a depth of love that there’s nothing you feel you can’t ask or explore with her. My sessions have provided insights allowing me to gain new perspectives on numerous areas of my life, especially a few significant relationships. The guidance Page provides is completely heart-centered, and her ability to connect with loved ones who have passed is just incredible. I’m blessed to have had the privilege of working with Page and I look forward to our future sessions!

Krista, Colorado, USA

My time with Page this past weekend was beautiful. Page, in addition to her many Spiritual gifts, has the ability to create a safe and sacred space. She welcomed my vulnerability and questions, listening deeply and offering gentle nudges to remain open to my potential. This retreat helped me shift into a deeper place of self-love and possibility through the lens of love and joy. I am in awe of Page’s abilities and thankful for her willingness to share them with the universe.

Rachel Corpus, West DesMoines, Iowa, USA