The Greatest Gifts of Grief

As the lights sparkle on the Christmas tree, so does the light within my heart sing and embrace all that has come before this moment. With joy Fullness each moment is embraced through laughter, through tears, through wyrds and through song. The Love Continues, it really does. I promise you this, there will never be [...]

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From Mommy With Love — A Grief Celebrated (Part Three)

It is Monday June 14th, 1993. A stunningly beautiful morning after the storms of last night. With thunder and lightning that rocked you to your core. The heavens had spoken last night in a powerful way, I wish I could hear the messages better. Maybe my Mom had something to say and I didn’t quite [...]

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From Mommy With Love — A Grief Celebrated (Part Two)

Finding Purpose and Inspiration Through Tragic Loss Martina: look we can see mama. Helen: Grandma Arlene is here too. The young boy is asking, can I come with you? I like your grandma. Martina and Helen: Yes, yes of course, come take our hands walk with us to the rocking chair. Grandma Arlene: let us [...]

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From Mommy With Love — A Grief Celebrated (Part One)

Finding Purpose and Inspiration Through Tragic Loss As I am asking you to connect with me on a level of openness and heart-centered, I have been asked to share part of my personal journey with you. How have I come to this place where I reside within my self? What life experiences have helped in [...]

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Distant Grief

Do you remember where you were when global events have happened? There is a defining moment in our lives as we experience tragedy of another or the loss of a movie star or a tragedy of such magnitude we as a collective experience the tragedy as a whole. Kindness shows up, kindness matters. Doors are [...]

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